Love Yourself First!

Another Sondheim song, from "Follies", covered by numerous singers and performers.

I know I've been there, in my 20's I was involved in a relationship that was, to say the least, not healthy. It's when someone gets under your skin, and you think about that person constantly, and there is the added tone of sadness and hurt, because they have not been forthcoming with you.

But it is the unhealthy fondness for this relationship that leaves you wondering how did you even get to this place, and it disturbs your sleep, and your daily activities and routine, and you really do question your sanity at times!

It takes time to heal!

Being hurt is not the worst thing that will ever happen to us.

If we can learn to understand that another person will never be able to fill the hole in your soul, then we will come to know that only God’s love is perfect (or whatever higher power you believe in). When you understand that no person is ever going to meet your needs of love, your expectations are more realistic and you will free yourself from desperately changing who you are in an attempt to keep them.

And most of all, learning to love yourself first, is worth more weight than gold...

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