If You Lost and You Look

One of my favorite songs of all time!

This was Cyndi Lauper's first #1 hit. She had another US #1 in 1986 with "True Colors."

This song is about the reality of loving someone unconditionally, even when life and it’s challenges get in the way. It doesn't have to apply to romantic love alone, but any love between two people that lasts a life time.

It's about the encounters of love and how it presents itself over the course of time – that through life’s hurdles, hurts and questions, they choose each other over everything, and every time.

This year Angelo and I will be married 8 years, so we are still babies in marriage years, but we have been through so so much already. We go from strength to strength. It's not easy, but it is so worth it, and that's the deal breaker: that on this earth I couldn't and wouldn't ask for a better partner in crime!

We all need someone to be our rock, but isn't is so amazing how we can be rocks for others too?

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