A Part of the Plan

I first sung this song at an eisteddfod when I was 12 and recorded it in1997 – this is the recording, and has been an anthem song for me while growing up, although the lyrical content was only appropriate later on in my 20’s.

The Note Book has made me realize how much we all have in common, and this song is another example of what a lot of us may have been through; loving someone who does not love you back.

It’s not pleasant knowing that your love or fondness for someone is not reciprocated. I’ve been there too. There is an initial feeling of rejection, perhaps self-worthlessness, but in actuality, it’s no reflection on you.

It’s just not a part of the plan.

If I had to play out parallel lives I would have led, based on circumstances having being different, I would not be here now, all the wiser, with an amazing husband and 2 beautiful girls.

It’s to get perspective and look at the bigger picture. It’s not easy in the moment…

Timing is everything.

Things happen for a reason.

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