We Rise By Lifting Others Up

“Forget Me Not” speaks of love that never dies and reminds us that our souls are eternal... We have all met special people along our individual journeys. I often look back and wonder whether certain people I met will remember me, and more so whether I have had any impact on their lives.

We are, after all, on this earth to connect, help each other, make a difference, even if its just a handful of people who are impacted, the quantity doesn’t matter.

There are so many people I left behind when I left the UK. Some I still keep in touch with and others I left in the past. And for everyone there are so many people that come in and out of our lives for a season, that we can only hope we have left a piece of ourselves with them.

This is part of my life mission; to make impact on others. I’m not talking in the dramatic sense, but to just leave a little bit of sparkle with those in my life; one of the reasons for having started The Note Book.

So, I encourage you to do the same. Be bold and be true. Leave a touch of glitter wherever you are.

We rise by lifting others up.

Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.

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