I'm Alive

Sia’s song was originally supposed to feature on one of Adele’s albums, which is even more reason why I gravitate to this song (she co-wrote it).

“Alive” is about Adele’s life. If you listen to the words I think we can all relate to parts of it.

The song basically tells of a life that didn’t start out too well. But although she went through a time where she felt like there was no growth in her life, a life full of lies and nights crying into a pillow, she still survived!

I have felt like this. And sometimes crying into that pillow gave me a sense of release and relief. The key is not too cry for too long and pick yourself up and forge ahead, keeping your eyes and your mind set on those goals.

Those times where you think, “what is the point?” or “is this ever going to end” or “why me?” remember everything happens for a reason.

It’s hard but it’s important to look at the bigger picture and as long as you pick yourself up, look at the good, surround yourself with the people who motivate you, love you and nurture you as a person, you will succeed. The success is apart of the journey, as there is no destination!



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