You Let Me See 'Me'

“The Way I Do” was written 15 years ago, but still sounds fresh. I was privileged enough to record in Sweden with talented producers of Redfly Music AB.

The song turned into a love song, but was originally inspired by a close friend of mine.

He died in a car accident while he was driving back from a choir rehearsal. He was one of the good ones, not a mean bone in his body. A tragedy like this becomes one of life’s unanswered questions. I can only believe that God wanted him close, singing and playing violin for Him in Heaven.

He has probably shaken his head countless times looking down on me.

The song is ultimately about meeting someone and they just get you. No pretense, no act, no judgment. You can just ‘be’.

I hope you have had an encounter like this. It is a real blessing.

Love, Shylo

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