A Change Will Do You Good

Change is constant.

In life, you have choices. Those choices determine your outcome. I'm am so happy with who I am today. But this was not always the case.

I was an insecure teenager as a lot of teenagers are. I suffered from depression for a long time. Brought on by events I don't need to go into and the sense that I didn't 'belong', I made some wrong choices, which then led to not so nice outcomes.

I left South Africa in 1999, where I ended up staying in the United Kingdom for 9 years, thinking that I finally would feel like I belong. I eventually realized that a location cannot give you that fulfillment. I had to make the change in ME. You have to get to know yourself and know what your goals are on a deep level.

I've been off all the medication for a few years now and have never felt better. It was harder to come off the pills than it was to start, so just a moment of advice. Please be very sure you need to be on medication before you start the process, because it can sometimes do more damage having them in your system than not. And be ready to deal with your issues and to work on yourself. Pills are not the overall answer and can be a crutch, but working on yourself and having the daily reflection, is constant work and a lifetime necessity, and SO worth it in the long run!

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