New Year Inspiration!

Listen carefully to the words of this song.

It's for EVERYONE.

We can all relate to having dreams. But very few actually live them. Some of us let them go a long time ago. I did for a while, when I had my fair share of rejection, or when things just were not going the way I had planned them.

God had a better plan though, and I needed to go through the fire to come out stronger than ever. The thing is, there is no destination here on earth. It is all a journey, and we need to embrace this so we can become at peace with where we are at. And although life is a journey, it is also short.

Take a chance.

Do something you've always dreamed of doing.

Be brave.

Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real! - therefore it does not exist!

Just do it!

It's never too late.

Love, Shylo

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