Your Inner Check Up

A good friend requested that I cover this song as a part of the Notebook! This was her wedding song.

This song is vulnerable, open, intimate and to the core, all the things I love about a ‘real’ song.

How many times I have opened myself to the possible rejection, but in doing so ultimately became a stronger person. I think this is why this song has left a mark on people, whether you are experiencing young love in your teenage years or reflecting on your past in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s… everyone has been on one end and can relate to the songwriter.

For me, this song marks a time where I was definitely vulnerable. In 2008, I left England after 9 years of learning and struggling by myself, returning home to South Africa, almost an estranged love affair in itself. Coming back to start over, I had to take the wheels off the wagon first, to find myself and start again, where I could get to a place of being real with who I was again, but this time with an inner strength that could not be wavered.

It’s important to do an ‘inner check up’ everyday, even if you give yourself 10 minutes alone to just reflect and ‘be’. You will grow and learn more about YOU. After all, how can we extend love without loving and knowing ourselves first?

Love, Shylo

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