How Do You Choose To Connect?

A poetic title, whether this song kills you softly, or gently with joy, or sorrow, it’s one I had to have in The Note Book. A good song always resonates with you, whatever shape or form.

Obviously the song is about the singer watching another singer, and being overcome with emotion because the performance has struck a chord with them.

That is what being a singer is all about, leaving ‘something’ with the audience or listener, touching someone’s heart, moving and inspiring people from all walks of life. I love that I get to do this! The stories that have already come out through listeners who have been following The Note Book have been so inspiring, and motivation to keep doing what I am doing.

Sometimes you meet someone who doesn’t need to say much and they just ‘get’ you. Or maybe someone will say something, which will leave you wondering how he or she read your mind! Every person you meet is for a reason. Have you ever stopped to think about that?

Whichever way you look at it, it’s a part of your purpose, of being on this planet – to connect.

I choose to connect with song! How do you choose to connect? I'd love to hear from you!

Love, Shylo

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