Women and men all over the world get their hearts broken all the time.

I’m sure most people have a story to tell of love that didn’t quite go according to plan… I think because I was so insecure in myself for such a long time, I actually attracted the wrong people into my life, and therefore opened myself up to getting hurt.

Lady Gaga wrote this song for her dad when he had heart complications. Without him, she said she wouldn’t be able to love...she wouldn’t be able to speak. She wouldn’t be inspired to write music. She wrote it from what she internalized her mom’s perspective to be.

It’s important to remember that we are all human, and we all have our own journey. But more importantly, to harbor pain and resentment is so detrimental to our mind, soul and body; we need to learn to forgive yourself as well as others; there is a sense of freedom by doing this.

Love, Shylo

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