Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Dear Friends,

A friend asked me to sing this song. She said, “I would love you to sing the song from Armageddon. My brother said the words to me the night before he passed away: I don’t want to miss a thing...”

Of course, the one and only Diane Warren wrote it and it was sung by (again, the one and only!) Steve Tyler.

It’s about making every moment count with a person you love; treasuring every second, and holding onto every bit you can get.

For me, having 2 little girls, it’s crazy how they are growing up so quickly. Seems like you blink and a milestone has come and gone. I definitely watch them when they sleep; it’s a snippet of time standing still in such a fast moving world.

Time flies by and we forget to capture moments. Someone can be taken away so quickly.

It makes you think about your priorities! Maybe this has struck a chord.

A reminder to see the beauty in every day, and in every one.

Love, Shylo

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