Man in the Mirror

Hi Friends,

This song marks the start to the journey of The Note Book! I’ve started with a clip of a song we know all too well, Man in the Mirror…

The relevance of this song to my life is just as relevant to those around the world and my home country South Africa.

We get so caught up in ‘life’, in work, in functioning, in routine and the pressures of society, that we lose the essence of what life is really about.

For me, in some ways I have been living in robotic-form, just ‘getting the job done’, that it’s about more than just making the world a better place and doing my part to change the world for the better.

But it’s about making MY world and my perception of life a better place for me, and those around me, which includes you!

Perhaps something you read or hear from The Note Book will resonate with you – We are all here for a reason and the only way to leave a legacy and “make that change” is to take a hard look in the mirror first, and then pursue your passions, live your dreams and in doing so, connect with and help others along the way!

Hope you will come on this journey with me, and enjoy the ride too ;) Catch the next song in a week.

Love, Shylo

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