One Week To Go!

In exactly a week, on 26 September 2017, my heart project, The Note Book will be launched, starting the venture with one song (cover to begin with) being released every week along with blogs and vlogs and some surprises to accompany the unraveling of my story.

I sat yesterday thinking about what this actually means.

I’m so excited to be doing this, and although I will be taking you on a journey, I will be coming with you on the ride too.

You may have surmised that my life has not been all cherry pie… But rather than focusing on all the negative experiences, more than anything I’m hoping to help you along the way, to leave you with some thought provoking messages and to awaken some emotions that may have been dormant for some time, that it will get you thinking about your passions, your beliefs, your selves…

I honestly know that everything has aligned for this project to take place. It’s not been an easy road getting everything together, being that I’m doing it solo.

I’m very grateful for those who have supported me along the way, especially Angelo, my husband, helping with the hectic days trying to record and build this project piece by piece, attend to our newborn and our 5 year old (which comes with a whole bunch of surprises) and just the all new level that comes with being a working mommy!

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‘Til then, guys…

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