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2024 Project Performer Auditions are OPEN:

This platform gives you the opportunity

to launch your performing arts career


16 March 2024

20 April 2024


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Included in the 2024 Program:


Project Performer is a NATIONAL mentoring and development platform. There is a competitive element, but that is not the emphasis. 15 industry professionals were involved in this last Showcase and Artist Development Weekend, including one from the UK and one from LA, and we plan to have the same industry professionals involved for next year too. It involves tuition in multiple disciplines including a weekend “boot camp”, and the artists receive feedback from very varied sources. We also have 200k worth of prizes, including scholarships, bursaries, cash prizes, potential signing to agencies etc.

  • A 5 day experience including workshops, coaching, photoshoots and film shoots, set in the July holidays 2024

  • An Artist Development Experience away including workshops on topics covering all styles of singing, acting and dancing, TV Commercial and TV Presenting techniques, warm up tips, promos, branding, mindset, music business, make up, photo tips, performance tips, and many more topics!

  • Online video workshops

  • Online consultations prepping you for the 2024 Project Performer Program

  • Workshop and one on one sessions with top coaches from South Africa in Singing, Dancing, Acting and Modeling

  • A Portfolio Photo Shoot

  • Accommodation and food included

  • A Live Showcase, including more photos of your performances, and meet and greet session with judges

  • Judges' extensive feedback 

  • Edited and mastered videos of ALL of your performances

  • Videos and photos will be featured online through the website, and sent to you after production

  • Awards and Cash Prizes

  • An opportunity for Artist Representation by local and national agencies

  • A 25% scholarship to The Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town,  offered yearly!

  • An opportunity to be scouted for the acclaimed Hilton Arts Festival in Kwa-Zulu Natal

  • A Ceremony of Celebration, Highlights Showcase and Prize Giving

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