The Beauty of Silence

March 27, 2018

Having suffered from laryngitis for the last few weeks, I thought it appropriate to bring up something we don't always think about.


It's the beauty of silence.


So this week there is no song.


And just a reminder that silence is so powerful.


Silence in itself has extreme strength yet we ignore its importance.

It relieves pain and tension. While suffering, silence can work wonders. 

After a hard day’s work we can seek a peaceful atmosphere to rest and spend some time alone. A few moments spent in silence energizes the mind and soul.


It is meditation which connects us, and acts as a two-way bridge. We can connect to the supreme power. The beauty of silence gives us a new perspective, because it is a source of great strength.


"God is a friend of silence. We need silence to connect, to speak , to listen to, and to ponder God’s words deep in our hearts. We need to be alone in silence to be renewed and to be transformed, for silence can give us a new outlook in life. In it we are filled with grace, and then God, which makes us do all things with joy."

~ Mother Teresa


So today, I hope you take a few moments to appreciate silence, quieten your mind, and rejuvenate your soul. 





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