Mia-Cecilia Kriel


Age: 11


Height: cm

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Dress: 11 to 12 years

Shoe: 4

Highlights include:


Member of Hip Hop Dance Crew called 'Discovery'


2nd Place at Dance World Cup Worlds in England - 2021


Tap Dance Solo – 5th Place at Dance World Cup


Worlds in England - 2021



Dramaweb SA – Winner in Afrikaans and English

Categories Grade 5 to 7 - 2021


Project Performer National Online Competition


Judges’ Overall Favourite - 2020


Pieter Toerien’s The Sound of Music at Artscape - 2018

Role of Gretl

"Thank you to all the coaches for this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow as a Performer"


Acting Theatre Monologue

Singing Muiscal Theatre Broadway 1

Singing Open

Dance Hip-Hop

Acting Open

Singing Musical Theatre Broadway 2

Dance Contemporary (Tap)

Dance Open