Katelyn de Gee


Age: 17


Height: 165cm

Hair: Black

Eyes: Dark brown

Dress: 32

Shoe: 5

Highlights include:

Crawford College International

Crawford’s Got Talent – winner - 2021

Eisteddfod (dance and drama entry)

CCLL Drama Play Production

Holy Family Parish Liturgical Show


Crawford College International

Crawford’s Got Talent – 2018 - 2021


Project Performer Program - 2021

“With all things that have happened in my life, I still push on. I carry myself with pride and humbleness – people in my life have neglected me, I have been mistreated and hated by many. But the one person that gets me going, that’s wakes me every morning, is my God. He has always been there for me. I live peacefully because I know that whether or not I am liked or accepted by people, I have a whole future waiting for me and it’s all because of God.”


Acting Open

Dance Open