May 18, 2018

Putting this 2 minute clip together was rather overwhelming, being that I had to edit 31 songs into that time frame! Wow. S, what exactly has happened in the last 32 weeks, or 8 months?

I have managed to stick to giving you a song a week.

I have a nearly 6 year old and nearly 1 year old, and managed to pull The Note Book off in the midst of their growing up too!

I've met some incredible people through this journey, and through shedding light on the storie...

December 4, 2017

A poetic title, whether this song kills you softly, or gently with joy, or sorrow, it’s one I had to have in The Note Book. A good song always resonates with you, whatever shape or form.

Obviously the song is about the singer watching another singer, and being overcome with emotion because the performance has struck a chord with them.

That is what being a singer is all about, leaving ‘something’ with the audience or listener, touching someone’s heart, mo...

October 16, 2017

Dear Friends,

A friend asked me to sing this song. She said, “I would love you to sing the song from Armageddon. My brother said the words to me the night before he passed away: I don’t want to miss a thing...”

Of course, the one and only Diane Warren wrote it and it was sung by (again, the one and only!) Steve Tyler.

It’s about making every moment count with a person you love; treasuring every second, and holding onto every bit you can get.

For me, havin...

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