January 29, 2018

“The Way I Do” was written 15 years ago, but still sounds fresh. I was privileged enough to record in Sweden with talented producers of Redfly Music AB.

The song turned into a love song, but was originally inspired by a close friend of mine.

He died in a car accident while he was driving back from a choir rehearsal. He was one of the good ones, not a mean bone in his body. A tragedy like this becomes one of life’s unanswered questions. I can only believe...

January 22, 2018

Everyone knows this song. And for most, there is an emotional memory attached to the song. A lot of the time, it is sung at funerals. This one is for my old flat mate and friend in England.

This may come as a surprise that Canadian singer Sarah Mclachlan wrote this song about the heroin overdose and death of Jonathan Melvoin, who was the touring keyboard player for the Smashing Pumpkins. So for me, this has a whole new meaning behind it.

Having been in r...

January 16, 2018

A Stephen Sondheim song from A Little Night Music.

A song about the disappointments in life. The title is a circus reference to when an unforeseen disaster occurs, and the clowns are sent in to distract the audience from the commotion. 

We’ve all had them. 


What’s important is to use our experiences of them to help others and grow in ourselves. It’s also important how we react to them. 

So just for a moment, a reflection on some disappoint...

January 9, 2018

Change is constant.

In life, you have choices. Those choices determine your outcome. I'm am so happy with who I am today. But this was not always the case.

I was an insecure teenager as a lot of teenagers are. I suffered from depression for a long time. Brought on by events I don't need to go into and the sense that I didn't 'belong', I made some wrong choices, which then led to not so nice outcomes.

I left South Africa in 1999, where I ended up staying i...

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