March 27, 2018

Having suffered from laryngitis for the last few weeks, I thought it appropriate to bring up something we don't always think about.

It's the beauty of silence.

So this week there is no song.

And just a reminder that silence is so powerful.

Silence in itself has extreme strength yet we ignore its importance.

It relieves pain and tension. While suffering, silence can work wonders. 

After a hard day’s work we can seek a peaceful atmosphere to rest and spend som...

March 19, 2018

One of my favorite songs of all time!

This was Cyndi Lauper's first #1 hit. She had another US #1 in 1986 with "True Colors."

This song is about the reality of loving someone unconditionally, even when life and it’s challenges get in the way. It doesn't have to apply to romantic love alone, but any love between two people that lasts a life time.

It's about the encounters of love and how it presents itself over the course of time – that through life’s hurd...

March 12, 2018

I first sung this song at an eisteddfod when I was 12 and recorded it in1997 – this is the recording, and has been an anthem song for me while growing up, although the lyrical content was only appropriate later on in my 20’s.

The Note Book has made me realize how much we all have in common, and this song is another example of what a lot of us may have been through; loving someone who does not love you back.

It’s not pleasant knowing that your love or fon...

March 6, 2018

“Forget Me Not” speaks of love that never dies and reminds us that our souls are eternal...
We have all met special people along our individual journeys. I often look back and wonder whether certain people I met will remember me, and more so whether I have had any impact on their lives.

We are, after all, on this earth to connect, help each other, make a difference, even if its just a handful of people who are impacted, the quantity doesn’t matter.


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