November 26, 2017

Another song about love… But one of simplicity, about the love of two people who have crossed paths and will be forever changed because of that.

Of course, humankind relates to this as we cross paths with various people in our lives. People we have met have forever changed our lives.

The saying goes, “You meet people for a reason, a season or a lifetime but I’m convinced that every single person you meet regardless, is on purpose, forming a part of who y...

November 20, 2017

Women and men all over the world get their hearts broken all the time.

I’m sure most people have a story to tell of love that didn’t quite go according to plan… I think because I was so insecure in myself for such a long time, I actually attracted the wrong people into my life, and therefore opened myself up to getting hurt.

Lady Gaga wrote this song for her dad when he had heart complications. Without him, she said she wouldn’t be able to love...she wou...

November 13, 2017

The words of this song are open to your own interpretation.

For me, it’s about going back to a special place in the past, where things once seemed so simple and uncomplicated, a time of carefree innocence and peace.

Even though we have little time on this earth and there is so much to do, we need to go back to basics and try and keep life uncomplicated. There is also the challenge of living in the present.

The trick is to be happy and content, no matter w...

November 6, 2017

When you listen on the surface, it appears to be another love song. But it’s about a Love who has died and the singer is actually longing to have them back in their lives.

I have a friend who quite recently lost her husband. It was a bittersweet relationship, but they did love each other intensely. Unfortunately this world was too overwhelming for him and he took his life, leaving my dear friend to pick up all the pieces. You can never be sure what goes...

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