Resident Acting Coach: Alison Kietzmann

Theatre and Open Acting

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As an acting coach Allison’s passion and goal is for her students to learn how to throw away their fears so that they may truthfully dive into each character /role they may play. To learn how important an actors role can be in the world today and Using movement and voice exercises to stretch them as a performer and to help her students find which “method” works for them. She sees Speech and Drama as a fabulous confidence boosting tool for little ones and can also be a way for them to express their feelings and release their emotions.


For as long as she can remember Allison has been in love with performance, dance and song. Growing up, she spent hours watching Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, Kathrine Hepburn, Fred Astaire,  Marlon Brando and many more light up the stage and screen. Her path was set and so was her love for the stage and the craft of being actor, singer and dancer.


While attending school at St Mary’s DSG, she was given the incredible opportunity to study Music (Voice 1st instrument), Music Performance (Piano)   and Drama all the way to Matric, while also dancing in the Natal Youth Ballet company and competing at a world championship level in Highland Dancing. After school she went on to study Performing arts at the Waterfront Theatre School, in Cape Town and Thereafter went to Italia Conti Academy for Performing Arts in London. It was a dream come true to be studying under some incredible teachers and coaches and to be acting alongside some incredibly talented students and actors.


Highlights from Allison’s college years was to play Abigail in Arthur Millers, The Crucible,  in Cape Town. Other career highlights are My Fair Lady at The Playhouse in 2009 and playing the role of Antonia in the 1965 Broadway musical,  Man of La Mancha at the Catalina Theatre.  She has also guest choreographed for a number of productions and eistedfords over the years. Some of the roles on Allison’s bucket list are, Maureen in the musical Rent and Milly in Atholl Fugards People are Living There and Cassie in A Chorus Line.


Allison Is married and is the proud mamma of her hilariously funny and gorgeous son Preston.


To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it his dedication. - Marlon Brando